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K-Type Valve

3 times more Stamina

Why K-Type Ball Valve?

Single Piece MS Ball and Spindle with PP/PVDF/ FEP/ PFA/PPH/PTFE Lining
Provide more strength to the Valve.

  1. The most critical part in any Plastic ball valve is Ball And spindle, most users bear the problem of this part, after some time the ball is twisted from the spindle and the valve becomes useless, this new technology provides protection from twisting the ball and spindle because it is a single piece.
  2. PTFE V-Seal - Another problem the user bear is in ball valve’s rubber parts in the spindle, after some operation of open and close the rubber part will damage and then leak occurs from the spindle, our K – Type design uses PTFE V – seal instead of Rubber o- rings. So, PTFE V-Seal will work for a longer time.
  3. In K – Type Design the lock system of the body from the spindle is unique It will be Leak-Proof for a longer time.
  4. The use of K – type Ball Valve is Maintenance-Free. So, It is time saver and money saver. 
  5. It will never disturb your plant during production, so It is more productive.

K-Type Valves


Single Piece MS Ball

new technology provides protection from twisting the ball and spindle


PTFE V – Seal 

 Instead of Rubber o- rings. PTFE V-Seal works for a longer time.


Leak Proof

Unique lock system of the body from the spindle.


Maintenance Free

Less Shut down.
Long Life, Save More...

K-Type Valve Diagram

K-Type Valve


Difference between

Regular Valve and K-TYPE Design Valve...

ISSUERegular ValveK-Type Valve
Ball and Spindle Twisting Problems:

The ball and spindle are in two parts and these are assembled in the valve. After some time It will twist from each other.

The ball and Spindle is Single Piece So, Twisting Problem Will Never Occur in K- Type Valves.

Stem Sealing Problem:The body is sealed with rubber rings on the spindle, after few operations the rubber will damage and will not be useful to stop the leak.It is sealed with PTFE V – Seal which will never damage and will be leak proof for longer period.
Lined Ball:The Ball is constructed only with plastic so, the strength of it will reduce after few operations.

The ball in Lined (MS inserted with Plastic), It provides More strength to the valve.
Maintenance:Time consuming and costly.It is very easy and reasonable price.
Life of Valve:Life of regular Ball Valve is not long.More than double of the regular design.

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